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Data Collection & Cataloging.

Research & Analysis.

Utafitini Will Put Your Data On Steroids.

What is Utafitini?

Utafitini means (in research). We are a research company that seeks to provide accessible and affordable research services.

Research requires a significant investment in hardware, software and liveware. The team at Utafitini aims at making it easier for individuals and organizations to access research services by providing Big Data As A Service (BDaaS).

The team at Utafitini is highly skilled in Research, Computing and Data Vizualization. The team has worked on large projects both locally and internationally. We have experience dealing with government institutions, multinationals, NGO's, private organizations and CBO's


Our core business is to collect, organize, analyse data and transform it into information that you and your business can use as Business Inteligence (BI).

Data Cataloguing

Individually and as a business you collect and gather lots of information (text, photos, videos and files).

As your collection of information increases in size and distributed accross your organization it becomes harder to locate the files especially specific segments of the files. Utafitini can help reduce the time it takes you to serch and locate files.

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Data Collection

Want to measuring information on variables of interest?

Utafitini can help you collect data on different platforms (Web, Mobile, desktop and Embeded Systems.)

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Data Analysis

We all collect vast ammounts of data especially as businesses for example sales and stocking information.

Utafitini can help you generate Business Inteligence (BI) from your data. We go a step further and visualize your analyzed data to make it easier for everyone to understand the results.

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